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Please note that all Region 13 e-mail addresses end in "" and are typically the first initial and last name of the staff member.
Ford, Thomas Principal
Abbott, Julie Math Interventionist
Anderson, Robin Food Service
Balavender, Karen Teacher Assistant
Berndt, Sharon Teacher Assistant
Blake, Kristen Kindergarten Teacher
Bodak, Christina Special Education Teacher
Bourland, Ann Nurse
Brady, Kaitlyn Teacher Assistant
Bruch, Marjorie Digital Literacy
Castro, Kate Teacher Assistant
Ciccone, Kristen Grade 1 Teacher
Dobler, Amanda Speech
Emack, Jeff Head Custodian
Frazer-Sierra, Linda Social Worker
Gonzales, Erin Literacy Tutor
Greco, Sarah Grade 4 Teacher
Hansen-Ollennu, Deb Teacher Assistant
Hay, Danielle  Psychologist 
Healy, Nina 10 Month Secretary
Holland, Jennifer Physical Education & Health
Howes, Carrie Art Teacher
Kilroy, Leslie Instructional Coach
Klimas, Michael Library Teacher
Lussier, Jenny Librarian
Mancarella, Alicia  Teacher Assistant
Marteka, Melissa Reading Interventionist
McClure, Gloria Grade 4 Teacher
McLaughlin, Kate Principal's Secretary
Meurs, Michael Music
Niland, Kara Food Service
Novak, Margo Grade 2 Teacher
Pelletier, Kristen Special Education Therapist
Polansky, Angela Grade 3 Teacher
Pollitt, Tracey Teacher Assistant
Reed, Matt Custodian
Rosenthal, Melissa  Reading Interventionist
Schlicker, Bridgette Digital Literacy Teacher
Sibiskie, Carole Grade 2 Teacher
Sorensen, Amy Grade 3 Teacher
Sportelli, Sarah Special Education Teacher
Spotlow, Sarina  Kindergarten Teacher
Swiantek, Valerie Grade 1 Teacher