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John Lyman Parent Association 

Board Members
President Kaitlyn Brady 
Vice President Jill Sobolewski
Secretary Nick Angello
Treasurer Jenn Tomer
Committee Chairs 
Corn Booth Committee
Helen Putnam
Jackie Armstrong
Jenn Tomer
Go Far Committee Janina Eddinger
Hospitality Committee Janina Eddinger
Interdisciplinary Committee Samantha Eidinger
Ways and Means Committee
Jenn Tomer
Michelle Liss
Meeting Schedule for SY 2022-2023
Date  Time Agenda Minutes 
September 13 6:30   9/13 Meeting Notes
October 11 6:30    
November 15 6:30    
January 10 6:30    
February 14 6:30    
March 7 6:30    
April 4 6:30    
May 2 6:30